Chili Cornbread Bowls

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Growing up in New England, I’ve always loved having my clam chowder in a nice crusty sourdough bread bowl. So when it came to make a batch of my favorite chili I knew I wanted a breadbowl, the only question was, which bread?

Spoiler Alert: cornbread.

These cornbread bowls are a crowd pleaser and will leave you with way less dishes after. (I’ll do anything to avoid more dishes to clean). 

Making The Cornbread Bowls

Martha Stewart has a great, easy recipe for Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread it’s just the right amount of “crumbly” with a tiny bit of heat from the jalapenos and texture from the corn. I adapted the shape of the cornbread by baking them in jumbo size muffin tins.

Once you’ve baked the cornbread muffins and given them a solid hour or so to cool, use a steak knife and spoon to cut a circle in the muffin top. Continue slicing down until you’re still left with an inch of cornbread as the base of the bowl. You can spoon out any excess cornbread that isn’t removed cleanly on the inside.

Martha Stewart's Cornbread Recipe:

Making The Chili

Everyone has a favorite chili recipe. The one I use is Julie Evink’s recipe with a few alterations. I like to add smoked paprika, cayenne for a little spice, and diced jalapenos (no seeds). And sometimes a beer or two adds a nice flavor.

Julie Evink's Chili Recipe:

Assembly & Garnish

Once your cornbread-bowls have been cut, spoon a hearty helping into each cut muffin. Then garnish with sour cream, fresh chives, diced raw onions and shredded colby jack. I found these cute bamboo mini spoons on Amazon and they make a nice finishing touch.